The most affordable and exciting singing waiter experience from just £550.00*


White Events is so happy to announce that we are now able to offer our customers our very own singing waiters!


For singing waiters, there are a few options;


Wedding Gate Crashers – A guest arrives at wedding/event with company and the manager of the hotel has a falling out with them; leading to an argument, singing and full blown entertainment.


Singing waiters – Waiters act as though they are serving customers only to start raising eyebrows by arguing which inevitably ends with singing. This scenario could also occur with a chef who storms out of the kitchen to argue with the waiter. Alternatively, you could choose the enraged Manager to instigate it all. For three singers there would be an additional charge.


Bespoke Option – We can make the experience completely customised to how you would like it to run. We will sit down with you and come up with a story line that is unique to you and your guests!


*price for when any other service is booked.